6x7 Networks and Telia Carrier TELIAST to Link Networks in Global IP Partnership and Network Extension Deal

Jan 22, 2021

Sollentuna, Stockholm Jan 22, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - Telia Carrier (TELIA.ST), the global fully owned subsidiary of Telia Company, backed by the Nation-State Government of Sweden, and global encrypted telecommunications carrier 6x7 Networks, announced today that they have elected to interconnect their networks to provide high-quality IP transit services across their mutual global backbones.  6x7 Networks' customers will enjoy more connectivity options in all markets worldwide through Telia's number-one ranked Tier-1 Global IP Network, and Telia's customers will enjoy over 100,000 new on-net connection points.


Telia Carrier and 6x7 will interconnect their networks at multiple global peering sites, and afterward, 6x7 customer traffic will flow throughout the global Tier1 network of Telia Carrier to reach mutual customers across 120 countries.


6x7 Networks operates the only fully encrypted telecom carrier network in the world, meeting FIPS-140 encryption standards, from the core to edge.


"We could not be more excited about the vote of confidence in us by another global Nation-state backed carrier like Telia.  We are eager to integrate Telia's vast international undersea cable network which will further expand 6x7's global service delivery capabilities."   "Telia carrier operates over 67,000km of fiber across Europe alone, and we are excited to become a local access partner in the CONUS, in essence caring for each others' pockets across the globe," says Lady Benjamin Cannon, CEO, 6x7 Networks.   The deal will involve 35 interconnection points and 120 countries.


Telia Carrier's Tier-1 Global IP Network AS1299 is currently the #1 ranked global IP backbone and with more than 450 local access partners around the world consistently ranked among the top networks worldwide.    Telia has recently made a massive infrastructure investment in a 400G global upgrade.   Telia Carrier's IP Customer Base accounts for more than half of all Internet routes and a highly evolved Tier-1 peering infrastructure, all of which 6x7 will immediately leverage in a global expansion.


"With this partnership, we add more than 300 global POPs to our always growing list of global interconnection points," says Cannon "we are building the world's largest content delivery and internet routing system, full stop"   


Telia Carrier provides dedicated, scalable bandwidth and continuous access with a carrier-grade SLA across its 120 countries 2000 customer wholesale global telecom-telecom interchange platform.  Based upon uncontended bandwidth - a contention ratio of 1:1, ensuring that your bandwidth is 100% reserved for you.       Additionally, global connectivity is improved or implemented to LINX, ESPANIX, MSK-IX, AMS-IX, DE-CIX, and Netnod, all global wholesale carrier interexchange points.


About Telia Carrier 

Telia Carrier is a fully owned subsidiary of Telia Company. We started building our network in 1993, when our Autonomous System, AS1299, was allocated. Unlike most of our competitors, we've grown organically ever since. Our network now stretches 67,000 km across Europe, the US, and Asia and lets you connect directly to more than 2,000 wholesale customers in more than 120 countries. AS1299 is currently the #1 ranked global IP backbone and with more than 450 local access partners around the world, we are the backbone of your business, wherever you are.



About 6x7 Networks

6x7 is the world's only fully encrypted Global Telecommunications Carrier. Serving the data communications needs of enterprise businesses, government, healthcare, finance, and national interests across the globe for over 27 years, 6x7 applies government-grade security on all links to meet or exceed FIPS-140 standards in hardware on it's redundant and highly-available global telco backbone. To better serve its customers; 6x7 owns and operates in 4 Carrier-Neutral Datacenters in San Francisco alone, in addition to its bay area, California, Phoenix, Denver, Lakewood, DC, NYC, and a global network of POPs which are integrated into other wholesale carrier partner networks in order to deliver a global wholesale footprint to the carrier community.  This ensures a cost-effective, scalable, and resilient network that is committed to the wholesale environment and their respective clients. For more information, visit www.6x7networks.com.


Media Contact

Kar Dhillon

6x7 Networks


Media Contact

6x7 Networks, LLC



Source :6x7 Networks, LLC

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